Most Impressive Detective Conan Manga Series

Some of the manga series are developed in video games and this would be able to understand about their popularity in the minds of people at all period of time. This would be taken only with the help of popular character and images present in the various episodes. There are also some of the websites in internet which would promote manga series by playing manga games through online. Almost all kinds of series are published in the internet with various options. They are also provided with different kinds of levels to promote the game in a better manner.

Why People Are Curious About These Series?

In general, people will be more curious to go with the detective kinds of things and they understand that would be prime responsible to maintain suspense for a longer period of time. The detective conan manga is considered as one among them. Some of the developers have made this episode in the online video gaming options to play. In this episode, we would be able to see a small kid who is curious with mysterious and detective kinds of work. He will be doing these kinds of stuffs at the age of sixteen years when he was in the high school.

Fact About Story:

When he was investigating about a murder case happened in theme park, the criminals have noticed him. They understand that this guy has been investigating the murder very seriously and they have followed his trace. Finally, they got that guy and given with a poison to kill the boy without any kinds of traces. But, the poison has made that guy to become a small in size like an eight year old person. Then, he started to contribute his investigation Work towards father agency like another person. There are more numbers of levels and different kinds of investigations being present in the game.

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