The Gold Grillz As Wearable Fashions

It has been said that a person’s smile is their most precious asset. While this may be true, there are some people that take this philosophy to the next level. The practice of encasing pearly whites with a bit of flash is more than just a fashion – it’s also called Dentistry. Gold is a precious metal and is also synonymous with the ranks of royalty and for the wealthy elite groups which even today a person who is carrying gold is still regarded as a visible sign of an elevated social status.

Gold Grillz Enhances One’s Fashion Quotient

Gold Grillz as a fashion symbol initially became prominent in the US during the 1960’s, but really came into their own in the 1980’s with the emergence of the rap and hip hop culture. The popularity of this mouthpiece has soared in recent years and credit goes to hip hop stars like Flavor Flav, Mary J. Blige, Slick Rick etc. who engraved gold grillz on their teeth. Some people are customizing their Grillz by adding gemstones like diamond, platinum and sapphire or even adding flash lights. Many of these grills are not for permanent purpose so that’s why it can be removed easily. These grills are used for stage theatrics or to make a social statement to one’s peers or fans. Gold grills should also not be used for anything other than a decoration, as they aren’t designed to cap teeth or repair cavities like a regular filling. Long term usage isn’t recommended, as bacteria can build up between the spaces between the grill and the actual teeth, causing bad breath and tooth decay. To conclude, if a person wants to make a bold fashion statement, nothing has a more “notice me now” statement that presence of a mouth full of golden Grills.